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Bernard Health announces strengthened partnership model with financial advisors


Strengthening relationships with financial planners in face of increasingly expensive, complicated healthcare environment

Bernard Health, Nashville-based health insurance advisory firm and developer of BerniePortal and BernieHR, is strengthening its partnership model with financial advisors to help individuals navigate their healthcare options.

“Our firm was built with the mission to be the world's most trusted advisor when it comes to helping people plan for their healthcare,” said Alex Tolbert, founder of Bernard Health. “Through strengthened partnerships with financial planners, we’re furthering that mission at a time when consumers need guidance more than ever before.”

The combination of high costs, a constantly changing regulatory environment, and insurers pulling out of markets is causing worried consumers to turn to financial planners for advice on what to do about healthcare costs. According to Tolbert, these financial planners and advisors not only see healthcare as falling within their scope as fiduciaries, but also as an opportunity to deliver better, more well-rounded service to their clients.

 Financial firms have partnered with Bernard Health for years. What is different is that Bernard Health has now made investments to make its partnerships with financial advisors even stronger – to be an extension of the financial advisor’s team. Financial advisory practices can now add a “healthcare extension” with Bernard Health to the services they offer, even enabling Bernard’s team of qualified, licensed and noncommissioned healthcare advisors to help clients in the financial advisor’s own office.

 Through their financial advisors, these clients will have access to Bernard’s suite of products and services, including InsureAdvise (which helps consumers evaluate health plan options and identify strategies for managing health expenses in general), MediGuidance (which helps guide clients who are or will soon be Medicare-eligible) and COBRACounsel (which helps people evaluate COBRA versus other options). Additionally, Bernard advisors help clients of financial advisors track and audit medical bills as well as prepare advanced care plans.

 Because the company expects more and more of its advisory meetings to take place in financial advisor offices, it has chosen to sublet its location at 4501 Harding Pike in Nashville, Tennessee – one of its three brick-and-mortar locations in the Nashville area. “Reaching consumers through their financial advisors will allow us to provide advice in locations where clients already feel comfortable and have a relationship,” said Ryan McCostlin, individual team leader at Bernard Health. “Clients will be able make health benefit choices that line up with their short-term needs, as well as their long-term financial goals.”

“For financial planners, working with Bernard Health just makes sense,” said Jennifer Sexton with Sexton and Associates, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. “We are glad to be able to make Bernard Health’s healthcare expertise available to our clients as part of our suite of financial advisory capabilities.”

Click here to learn more about adding a “healthcare extension” to your financial advisory practice.


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