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Step-by-step sign up on (if you missed the deadline)

Open enrollement is over, but you can still enroll in the marketplace 

If you missed the March 31st open enrollment deadline, not to worry. We've put together the steps to enrolling in coverage and screenshots to help you through the process. It's possible to sign up, even if you don't already have a marketplace account. 

If you are having technical difficulties, here are some tricks: 

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser. For some reason is works best on Chrome. 

  • If you come up with a blank screen, keep refreshing your browser. Eventually, you should get what you are looking for. 

  • Try to enroll early in the morning. I wasn't able to get to work all day yesterday (between 8am-8pm) but was able to sign up at 6:30 this morning. 

Here are the steps to getting coverage if you missed the deadline:

Step 1: Visit this link to create a new acccount. You will select your state and then be taken to this next screen:

help signing up on

Step 2: Click accept. Then this screen should pop up:

help with

Step 3: Click "Apply and shop for coverage for me and/or my family" under the individuals and families tab (at the bottom of this screenshot):

step by step

Step 4: Verify your identity 

You will go through a serious of screens and questions that helps the government verify your identity. You will need your social security number handy. help

missed the deadline 

missed the deadline

missed deadline help help missed deadline

Step 5: After you reach the screen above, you will start your application on this screen: missed deadline help applying

Next you will need to read the privacy policy and agree.

Then, you will need to fill in your contact information.

You will be asked if you are getting any help on this application from a broker, navigator or other party.

You will be asked if you need help paying for coverage. If you make less than $90,000 as a family of 4 or $40,000 as a single adult, you might qualify for a subsidy. Click "yes" if you fall into that category and "no" if you are sure you don't. 

marketplace missed deadline  help signing up


Step 6: You will go through a serious of screens where you need to enter:

Who needs coverage 

Social security number and date of birth (again)

Your sex

Your US Citizenship or Immigration Status

Your race/ethnicity 

help signing up on if you missed the deadline

Loss of coverage 

help with

Losing coverage in the next 60 days 

missed the deadline

Recent marriage

Foster care 

Eligible immigration status

Recent move

Recent detention or jail time

help with after deadline


Step 7: Review and sign your application. Then, agree to the statements. Next, sign and submit your application. 

help after the deadline


Step 8: Eligibility results. Click "continue to enrollment". 

help with the marketplace after deadline

Step 9: Enroll to-do list. This screen simply states that you had trouble signing up and that's why you missed the deadline. Click continue. 

help after deadline marketplace 

Step 10: Tobacco use

marketplace help

Step 11: Review the three messages about best enrollment practices.

helpful tips for knowing which marketplace plan to choose  

marketplace help after deadline screenshotsStep 12: Select a health plan. 

help after the deadline Step 13: Confirm 

help after deadline marketplace

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