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How much does it cost to have a baby?

It depends where you live

Healthcare costs vary greatly from state to state - and even from hospital to hospital! The difference in pricing is often not due to quality, but rather to the bargaining power a hospital has with insurance carriers. If a hospital has a lot of bargaining power, it is able to negotiate higher reimbursement rates (which come out of your pocket). 

Our maps below show the average cost to give birth

Average cost for vaginal delivery by state in 2011

New Jersey tops the charts as the most expensive state to have a vaginal, uncomplicated delivery, costing over $20,000! California comes in as the second most expensive state, where vaginal deliveries average almost $17,000. North Dakota was the cheapest state to give birth, with vaginal delivery costs averaging less than $5,000.

Average cost for c-section delivery by state in 2011

How much does a baby cost CS

Overall, c-section deliveries are much more expensive than vaginal. Maryland was the cheapest state to give birth, with a c-section averaging less than $7,800. New Jersey was the most expensive state to have a c-section, costing nearly $30,000! 

The Smart Mom

As an expecting mother and healthcare consumer, it's important to know that prices in different states and even at hospitals a mile down the road from each other will vary drastically. Consider researching hospital costs and switching health plans or doctors. Having a baby is expensive!

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