Topic: Deductible

    What health insurance consumers need to know about cost-sharing
    By Emily Kubis on October 20, 2017

      Understanding out-of-pocket costs From deductibles to coinsurance, cost-sharing is a key feature of health insurance plans today. Cost-sharing...

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    Consumers missing HSA investment opportunity
    By Emily Kubis on October 2, 2017

      Most using HSA as a specialized checking account  According to a study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, the vast majority of Health...

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    With healthcare costs skyrocketing, should you buy insurance for your insurance?
    By Alex Tolbert on September 6, 2017

    The rise of deductible insurance The year is 2075. Your grandson has had a bad car accident and had to receive emergency care at...

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    High deductible? These options could help you avoid expensive bills
    By Emily Kubis on August 9, 2017

      How supplemental insurance can cover medical bills High deductible health plans continue to rise in popularity, as more consumers try to...

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    How to reimburse yourself from your HSA
    By Emily Kubis on May 1, 2017

      What to do if you don’t have enough in your HSA to cover your bill Have a Health Savings Account and experience a medical event? Even if you...

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    Pregnant? How four Nashville-area practices bill for delivering your baby
    By Alex Tolbert on April 24, 2017

    How to avoid billing surprises Medical bills can be confusing, and the many bills you receive after pregnancy can be especially complicated. An...

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    How to save money with a high deductible
    By Emily Kubis on April 10, 2017

      Five tips for your health plan High deductible plans are on the rise, both in employer-sponsored coverage and on the individual market....

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    Can you define the four basic health insurance concepts?
    By Emily Kubis on December 28, 2016

      Consumer education will be key in 2017 A UnitedHealthcare survey found that only 7 percent of consumers were able to successfully define all...

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    Should I choose a high deductible plan?
    By Emily Kubis on December 9, 2016

    Pros and cons of high deductible health plans Looking for health coverage? If you’re comparing a few different plans, you might be considering a...

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    Will my health plan cover my baby after birth?
    By Nikki Davis on April 10, 2015

    Reader Q+A I'm having a baby in December. I'm wondering if my baby will be covered after she's born or how this works with insurance? Can I sign...

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